My Teenage Talk. Written by: Zahi wissam.

25 février 2013

Zahi wissam

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          Love, life, hope, time

Enjoy it; best wishes<3

Part: O1

Daily feelings.

 The past is me!!!!


A new year.

A new page.

A new beginning.

A new friends.

A lot of new things did change in my crazy life.

But my cruel past is killing me.

It’s in everywhere.

In every dream.

In every word.

In every look.

In every touch.

It’s true that sometimes I wish if I could forget my bad memories by closing my eyes and opening theme.

But in the same time I can’t deny it.


that the things which did happen in this past did made me

I’m who I’m because of those things.

And the past is not just a part of me!!!

    Life !

The past is me!

It’s a strange life.

Everyone has his own story.

We are the ones who made choices in this life.

So everyone could write his own life story.

People are deferent that what make the stories deferent.

I’m sure that no one is perfect.

That why no one has the perfect life that every one wish to own it.

We have to thank god for those defenses between us.

Because it’s them which make us special.

We don’t have to be like another person.

We have to be just our selves!!!!

To do the things that we love to do.

We’re the owners of our life story’s and nobody else.

God created us free.


A life trip.

Be free in your choice and make to yourself your own beautiful life story.

Do I really know myself!???

Who I’m???!!

Where I’m???!!

I’m the person that I want to be!!?

Or the person that I hate to be?!

I have to travel again, so I could discover myself.

So I could know and love the person that I’m.

A long trip; but a necessary one.

Don’t need to be tired in this trip.

Cause it’s a long one which need a strong person.

This trip is just what I need to find out who I’m , where I’m and if I’m the person that I want to be .

So I could live my life in a peaceful way.


It doesn’t matter now!!

It doesn’t matter now!!

It doesn’t make a deferent now!

So just take yourself away from me.

Take your smile away from me.

Take your dreams away from me.

Especially! Take your friendship and your lies away far from me!

It doesn’t matter now!!

Cause you’re the one who destroyed this pure friendship.

But! It doesn’t make a deferent now!

Those precious moments in our life did go with that beautiful wind.

The wind which was so strong; that all my lovely dreams did also gone with him.

It doesn’t matter now!!

Cause your friendship become just a memory to me.

So take yourself away far from me.

Take your lies and leave me with my self

Facing my fate, my big pain, facing this cruel world.

Leave me alone with my soul so I could forget,

Forgive, and becoming stronger to move on in this life.


   I’m here !!


Future!!!! :)

I’m here.

I’m standing here.

Waiting for your coming.

Making myself stronger to facing you.

I’m here!!

trying to forget the past.

Closing his door.

I’m here.

Hoping that you can hear me; future.

In the same time.

I’m living the present.

My present time.

I’m here.

Waiting and saying:

Good bay to this moment.

Trying to touch you.

For me you seem to be so far.

But!!I’m here!!

Hoping that you’re good for me.

For us.

I’m here!!

Making myself perfect.

Perfect for your coming.


Just keep smiling.

that why I’m here.



In a dark closing room, I’m seat in.

With my broking heart; and my tears which never stop fooling from my eyes.

Screaming and hoping that someone could hear and save me from my big pain.

This room has a key cold passion and a door cold hope.

After that door there’s a big light; this light is of my life.

To open that door will take a long time.

The time is the steps that I’ll do to open the hop door.

But! Who knows!!? May be the door will be opened before that I do this steps.

May be some day someone will save me.

Until that time I have to be strong.

I have to face my painful days with the passion key.

And always keep in my mind: just keep smiling.


I love to be around her.

Seat in the middle of the street.

Falling in the dark way without any thing.

But; Suddenly!! A beautiful light comes out from the end of the road.

Yes! She was real and she did give me her hand.

She holded me and tacked me away far from the darkness.

She was and she stills amazing and so wonderful.

When I look at her eyes; I say: that all what I need.

When I see her smile, I say: everything is perfect.

I love to be with her, around her, speaking to her, holding her.

She’s now my hope.

She saved me from the lost.

She was with me when I needed a person to tell hem my feelings.

She was there when I needed an advice.

She didn’t left me.

She understands me and I don’t want to let her go.

I love her; not for the things that I said before; no!! But also because she’s being just her, that why I love to be around her!!




Don’t cry little girl.


Don’t cry little girl and be strong.

There still a hope cold friendship; believe me it’s a good one.

Don’t cry and say: good bay tears and welcome my lovely happiness.

Don’t cry little girl, forget all the bad things, the bad words and the bad past.

Don’t cry little girl; if the sun goes, a beautiful moon will came.

Look! Look at the stars.

Make in your mind that the beautiful sun will came bake, but! Until that time enjoy of the night.

Don’t cry little girl and be just who you are.

Be patience, nice, cool, especially be a teenage person.

Be what you want to be; don’t listen to the people and listen to your heart.

Always keep smiling and don’t forget be just yourself.


My life story.


Crazy life; big story of life!!

My life story is a strange one; which even me I can’t understand it.

I always try so hard to know the meaning of my life story.

A story fall of question marks, and of course no one can give me the answers.

The days just pasts; and the problems are coming.

And going without an explanation.

Looking at theme like a stupid teenager.

What can I say and my questions marks are growing up more in every single day.


Pretty little girl.

But!! After all there’s a voice inside my head; in my heart which is telling me that everything has a reason to be in this world even my life story.


Pretty little girl.

Fly like a bird.

Go to the sun.

Touch the sky.

Don’t forget to take my best wishes to the moon.

Don’t forget that you’re always in my mind; always in my heart.

Fly my little angel.

I’m staying here.

Waiting for your coming buck.

Fly and say to the people.

Say to the people that you are for me.

The words are nothing compare to my feelings to you.

Pretty little girl.

Don’t say good bay.

But say see you tomorrow.

Because tomorrow is going to be today.

Near to me and closer to my heart.

I’m looking at you flying.

Flying away like a powerful bird.

You don’t care about anything.

And I’m screaming for you: fly! Fly!!

And more I said so more that you become stronger.

You’re free now!! Free to go.


I did know.

Fly! Fly away and don’t forget: you’re always my little pretty girl.



I did know.

This dream is very beautiful to be true.

I used to call her my secret owner.

She’s gone.

She left me down.

In every move I used to think of her.

How could I just forget the time that I spend with her?

How could she do this to me?

I trusted her.

I gived my word to her.

It making me crazy to remember that I loved her.

Whereas I did know.

This dream is very beautiful to be true.

Nothing was real.

To my heart she was near.

I was in the floor.

When she opened my door.

To getting up; she gived me a flower.

To be power.

I used to see her, a gift from god.

An angel from haven.

Beating the devil.

A wonderful miracle.

But now she’s gone.

The sad thing is: I did know.


It makes me.

This dream is beautiful to be true.


It makes you sad to feel or to know that some is jealous of you especially if that someone is a close person to you; closer to your heart that sometimes you think his a gift from god and you’ll never find some who cares about you like hem.

It makes my heart broking when I know that people don’t appreciate themselves and they want to take what other peoples have.

It makes me en safety to know I live in a cruel world where the bad kill everything god in this life.


Life will treat you well.

But! It also makes me hopeless when I know that our world can change for the best; if we start changing our selves by appreciating and loving what we have.


If you just keep smiling life will treat well.

If you just do what it takes to do, life will treat well.

If you just don’t lei life will treat well.

If you just kill jealous which is in your heart life will treat well.

If you just make a goal to your life, life will treat well.

If you just find out who you really are; I’m sure that life will treat well.


I can’t take it…….


I can’t take it anymore.

I should’ve done this before.

Opening the hope door.

But!! It’s so lit to be done.

This is not fun.

And the light is going by the gone of the sun.

I can’t take it anymore.

I’m not the same person in the start.

Cause I’m not smart.

The beautiful music dissipates part a part.

I can’t take it anymore.

The amazing mirror, which was so clear.

Now is fall of fear.

However!! I’m here.

shedding a tear.

Unable to hear.

The wonderful sound near.

I can’t take it anymore.

It’s stronger than me.

Harding me.

Also blaming me.

I can’t it any more.

Since that I miss the floor.


Bird of trust.

And I wish the end more and more.




Again; I have to say good bay for something special in my heart.

I’m sorry!! I don’t have another choice.

Believe me if I have a wish I’ll always choose you by my side.

But!! This is life.

Life makes us to do and to choose things that we don’t want.

Tears in my eyes will never stop falling because of your goon.

Whereas I have to live this moment.

(Bird of trust) go to the one who made you in my soul.

(Bird of trust) flay to haven; it’s your real place.

(Bird of trust) please forget all the pain that people did it for you.

(Bird of trust) you’re a blessing bird.

(Bird of trust) keep this in your mind: my door is always open for you.

(Bird of trust) you were so powerful until you become blind.

(Bird of trust) a part of my soul you are.

(Bird of trust) I spend a lot of time with you and I know how much wonderful you are.

Wish me luck to face this world; remember me us I’m: crying of losing you.


I have to.



I have to fight; to live!!

To breathe; to be powerful.

To forget; to forgive.

To find out who I’m.

To be just who I’m.

To start a new begging.

To start with a new page.

Without remembering that bad time.

I have to fight; so I could live a better life.

I’ll breathe this precious moment; so I could see my mysteries future.

I’ll try to forget those lies and I’ll forgive the mistakes of my soul.

I’ll find out who I’m; and I’ll be just who I’m without a fake face.


What you should do.

I still here!! J living and smiling; that why I’ll start again and this time without lies.


Believe in yourself.

Believe in your faith.

Believe and breathe every moment that you live.

Don’t make your life boring.

Smile; laugh; cry; specially feel.

Feel every second you live.

Feel everything you touch.

Flay with the highest birds which you see in your way.

Don’t make the road of your goal a short one.

Make to yourself amazing dreams.

Be sure that no one deserve a tear from your eye just yourself.

It’s a hard and a sweet life.

Listen to your soul and your heart; be just yourself so you’ll never regret those past moment.























Part :






Crazy words.




Angel of the future.

In the beautiful time of the past she was born.

With her big heart she was known.

Because of her infinite smile she was loved.

It’s true that she was still young; but with her intelligent mind she did won.

To see and to go to the future that was her gift.

The days came and go; with an eyes fall of tears she did returnL.

She said :{to the devil world I did goon; where the bad kill everything good; where the people have a dark heart; where all the time I felled that I’m an safety; I tried to save theme, but it was so lateL; that why to an empty land I did escape; until the end of this painful gift}

Her last wish to be a legend or just a memory.

From that day she was cooled by people of her time angel of the futureJ.


I’ll flay; in the high.


I’ll flay; in the high.

No need to play.

No need to cry.

No need to be Shy.

I’ll stop the lie.

I’ll always smile.

To my enemies I’ll say:

(I’m goon live this big hard life.)

No one is going to make me stay.

Because I’ll be free; to flay, in the high.

Tears will never fall from my eye.

Cause I’ll always smile.

My soul will be rise.

Cause I’ll enjoy the rain.

I’ll be powerful to fight.

In the dark; I’ll see the moon light.

I’m sure that it’s right.

In the night.

Everything is going to be white.

Cause I’ll flay; in the sky.

To the stars I’ll explain.

That I need to see this big spa.

To those hateful sides, I’ll make a fire.

I’ll always prey.

So I could happily flay in the highest sky.


Like a child.


Like a child.

Who never mind!!

I live my life.

In this day.

I’ll choose my way.

I’ll take my chance.

And I’ll throw my pain.

I’m going to make a plain.

I’ll make everything real.

I’ll make a beautiful fire.

I’ll go away.

To be what I like to be.

To do what I like to do.

To become like a child; who never mindJ.


Enjoying the fall of the rain.


Seat in near the crew.

Looking to the closer window.

There was a white snow.

Everyone was able.

To see the god miracle.

To forget the beautiful sky of April.

And every one has his own way.

To move on far away.

From the darkness side.

Some people were so wild.

Some people were so weak.

Looking like a freak.

For me!! I was just enjoying the fall of the snow.

Letting it opening my heart.

So I could move on far away from the dark.

Give terminative in up my mask.

Holding my dreams.

Like it seems.

Wishing a batter tomorrow.

Especially enjoying the fall of the white snow.


More and more.

How much is beautiful this white snow.

I’m looking at it throw the window.

The strong wind is taking it everywhere.

It’s so amazing; I swear.

A castle is build.

By this snow which is so cold.

I’m seeing in it so pure.

I want that he’ll fall more and more.

taking my head pollution.

Founding a fast solution.

So I could fly away with my emotion.

I’ll touch this wonderful sky.

I’ll break those lies.

I’ll make the infinite smiles.

Wearing this life.

And making it in my size.

Listening to my heart voice.

Walking away from the noise.

I wish that this moment take a long time and noting change.

So I could fight this big shame.

Then noting is going to be the same.



In the ocean.





In the ocean.

I’ll be passion.

Without an explanation.

To do my action.

Especially I’ll grow my emotion.

Say good bay to medication.

To be in function.

I don’t have to put any reason.

Even if it was the rain season.

For the bad things; I’ll make a prison.

I’ll do my orison.

And I’ll make my life person.

It’s a powerful place.

That why when I return; I’ll face.

All the bad faces.

No need to cry.

Cause I’ll fight.

All the lies.

And I’ll make to myself the perfect life.


The reasons to life.


When time I was sad.

The precious thing in my life did go onL even my friend.

So; I beat my head.

That was bad.

My eyes became blind.

In that time that I spend.

Seating alone suddenly I said:

I’ll make an end; for everything mad.

Yes!! It was so bad.

For a while I did pretend.

That I was strong.

But I’m sure that it wasn’t wrong.

And I’ll find: the reason to live!!!


It won’t be the same.

How much is beautiful this night.

With her moon light.

And the stars dancing in the sky.

It want be the same.

With the fall of the rain.

What I really miss is the snow.

Covering this big ground.

I love his white color.

It makes me over.

To the wonderful dreams.

But!! It will not be the same.

With the fall of the rain.

It’s so cold.

My words failed.

So strange!! Cause in this night I’m able.

To see the smiling faces of angle.

But I’m sure that it will not be the same.

With the fall of rain.


I’ll fall ; hardly in the whole.


I own.

The choice of living alone.

I know that I need an inspiration.

So I could do things which are fashion.

I’ll kill all my heart fear.

I’ll protect myself and I’ll care.

About my soul; about my heart.

Yes!!I was letting go by the persons that I loved.

For me!! That was so hard.

To forget the pain.

Or to explain.

Whereas I’m here.

Pretending that I’m clear.

While my soul is sold.

While my heart is broke.

By the people that I loved.

Life is like a game.

That why!! I don’t have to blame.

Those persons; or my soul.

Cause if I do; I’ll fall.

Hardly in the hole.















Flowers to rememberJ.

  • The end of any story is a begging of a new one.
  • No one deserves a tear from your eye in this whole world.
  • Everything in this world has two sides.
  • Always keep smilingJ so your enemies could see it.
  • The deferens between us; are the things which make us special.
  • A lot of people don’t appreciate what they have until they lost it.
  • Everything will disappear, except the memories which last for aver.
  • No one is able to run away from his faith.
  • Nobody is perfect.
  • Everything has an end

There are bad and good ones

You are the one who chose.

  • If you want something deferent

You have to do something deferent.

  • Life is short; make it hot.
  • Ø To be the best; you have to do your best!
  • If control your time; you’ll control your life.
  • To lost someone that you love it’s the worst thing that can happen to you; tray to not lose hem and to hold hem.
  • Ø Some time life is bad; but don’t be sad

Whereas life is nice, make it in your size.


























                                        THE END.


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