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19 novembre 2009

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          2010 is fast approaching, and in my humble opinion, I would say for the sake of our youth, it is time to throw away the guns and warring mentality that has caused division among us. We should not heed outside forces that would divide us.
If we can reconcile our differences then there is hope to be united under our beautiful flag  like we did in 1945.
On May 8th, 1945, a modest Algerian flag was born. She bore three stripes of red, white and green. She carried these stripes for Revolution and Liberty.

Her red stripe symbolizes the sacrifice of the one and half million Algerian warriors who were martyred under the hand of the French. The red symbolizes the love of the Algerian people who fight to keep Algeria a free and glorious nation. Her green stripe symbolizes Islam, and the brotherhood of Algeria .No one can put a price upon her.
She is not just a stamped piece of cloth to be disrespected and burned by the dirty hooligan  Egyptians. The Algerian flag waves proudly with her white stripe of Peace.
The Algerian Flag carries within her bosom, the Star of Islam and the five pillars of faith.
The Crescent Moon is the symbol of Islam. I hold within my hands, not a piece of cloth, but my people, my country and my faith.

November 18th, Egypt and Algeria playoff for World Cup 2010, held in Sudan. The Algerian flag flew over the heads of the Algerian fans, hundreds of them packed into the open field
The coaches kept a sharp eye on their players, after Algerian players were attacked by hooligans throwing rocks through the glass windows of the bus injuring some of the Algerian players. The aim was to throw the Algerian team off their game. The media on both sides went ballistic and their inflammatory innuendos stirred up the flames of alleged issues of societal discontent.  The game was moved to neutral ground.
The Algerian players were strong, disciplined and well prepared. They scored their first goal thirty minutes into the game. The Algerian players use of strategy and excellent footwork was amazing. Their skill was outstanding and a pleasure to watch.
If a player went down with an injury there was no cussing, or fighting. The play would continue and then the player would be attended to or taken off the field by ambulance.
The drum beats would become faster and louder as the ball got closer to the goal. The electricity was in the air. One could feel it.
The coaches signaled one another and their players. The players moved in unison, their limbs pumping, their muscles flexing, their footwork extraordinaire.


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